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Hi my name is Richard and I am an addict/alcoholic and with the help of the Let’s Get Real program and a lot of hard work I will be sober 6 month’s on 1/26/17. To give you a brief history of what I was like before I used the Let’s Get Real police program, I used and drank from the age of 13 to 31, I lied, cheated, stole and manipulated everyone I knew. I lost my wife, son, home, family, and friends due to my addiction and was living under a bridge. Then I finally had enough. I was in jail after a bender and I heard of this program called Let’s Get Real where you could go up to your county police station and tell them you had a problem and they would get ahold of the Let’s Get Real office and someone would be up there within 90 minutes. I didn’t use it right away because I was skeptical about going to the police station and telling them I had a drug problem but after about 2 more weeks I did. They got ahold of them and sure enough they came out and did everything in their power to get me in a safe place off the streets and they did, because of them I got into a inpatient rehab called the Timothy House and since then I graduated there and L.C.A.D.A and now live in a sober living facility. I have since then been sober for almost six month and got all my family and friends back that didn’t want me around when I was using. This program is amazing and really works. Even to today they stay in contact with me and continue to help me with anything need. This program saved my life and if people continue to reach out and use it, it will save many more.

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