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Let’s Get Real Family and Friends,

My name is Melissa, proud mother of a heroin addicted son in recovery. My journey began with many years of a very strained and difficult relationship with my first born. I guess I chalked much of it up to him being a typical teenager and that it would pass. It did not. It escalated into many more years of lying, stealing, incredible rage and mood swings. My amazing family home has turned into a house of chaos and tension. When my family was struck by this horrific disease eight years ago, I was absolutely dumbfounded and completely taken aback. I, like many others, believed this was a junkie disease and could never hit my quiet, beautiful affluent town of Huron, Ohio. Humiliation set in quickly and I did everything I could do to hide and withdraw in solitaire. In time, his house of cards fell of course and I found out the truth. I immersed myself into the internet and books and documentaries to learn everything I could about heroin addiction.
I eventually found solace with “Let’s Get Real”. I have finally found there is relief with acceptability. There is comfort with others’ stories similar to my own. There is comfort with mutual friends. I want to thank the group as a whole for being such an amazing support. You have treated me and my story with nothing but respect and compassion. As we all know, this addiction, just like many others, can begin with emotions of shame, embarrassment and disgrace. With education and group conversations, these horrific feelings begin to lessen. I additionally want to thank Kim. She has been rock solid when it comes to this fight against addiction. I for one, am incredibly proud to join this fight. We all have so much more to do, but we have at least started the race.

Wish Recovery,

Melissa Ferrell
Huron, Ohio

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