Richard M. Testimonial

Hi my name is Richard and I am an addict/alcoholic and with the help of the Let’s Get Real program and a lot of hard work I will be sober 6 month’s on 1/26/17. To give you a brief history of what I was like before I used the Let’s Get Real police program, I […]


Pat S. Testimonial

Hello, I would like to start by saying that I will forever be grateful to the people that work at Let’s Get Real. Not only but the place as well for it has served me well in my journey of recovery! I will tell you a little about myself and how my journey has led […]


Donna S. Testimonial

My name is Donna and I started attending Let’s Get Real meetings in order to help me learn to deal with my grandson, who is addicted to heroin. I desperately needed help. Let’s Get Real helped me to deal with my enabling and to take care of myself. I met other people going through the […]


Melissa F. Testimonial

Let’s Get Real Family and Friends, My name is Melissa, proud mother of a heroin addicted son in recovery. My journey began with many years of a very strained and difficult relationship with my first born. I guess I chalked much of it up to him being a typical teenager and that it would pass. […]

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